Our Partners

Working for Wildlife Ltd. is a member of the Institute of Fundraising (IoF). The Institute works to ensure that organisations raising money for charity from the public do so honestly and properly. As members, we follow the Institute of Fundraising’s Code of Fundraising Practice and those of the Fundraising Regulator (FR).

As the UK’s largest woodland conservation charity, the Woodland Trust are the leading voice for woods and trees. They campaign to protect precious ancient woods, restore the ones that are damaged and fight for those under threat. They create new native woodland around the UK with the help of communities, schools, organisations and individuals.

We have been working with the Woodland Trust for many, many years, and we are pleased to say that in this time we have greatly contributed to their increased exposure and 500,000+ members and supporters. We engage more than 60 Woodland Trust fundraisers, who operate at a great variety of shows and events, as well as local venues, increasing membership numbers and enlightening the general public about the charity and the crucial work that the Trust does around the UK.

WWF’s ultimate goal has always been “people living in harmony with nature” – they’re about respecting and valuing the natural world and finding ways to share the Earth’s resources fairly. To achieve that, WWF spend a lot of time working with communities, with politicians and with businesses too.

We have had the great privilege of working with WWF-UK since July 2016, offering the public the chance to learn more about their vital work all around the world, and the opportunity to support through Membership or Adoption. We are rapidly developing our campaign and are always looking for key people to be part of our expanding goals.

Greenpeace stands for positive change through action to defend the natural world and promote peace. They investigate, expose and confront environmental abuse by governments and corporations in Britain and around the world. Greenpeace champion environmentally responsible and socially just solutions, including scientific and technological innovation.

“Independence is one of Greenpeace’s core values, which means we don’t solicit or accept funding from governments, corporations or political parties. Individual supporters and foundations are our only source of financial support, which means recruiting new members through partners like Working for Wildlife is critical to the success of our mission.”

Wild flowers, plants and fungi are the life support for all our wildlife, and their colour and character lights up our landscapes. But without our help, this priceless natural heritage is in danger of being lost. From the open spaces of Plantlife’s nature reserves, to the corridors of government, Plantlife works nationally and internationally to raise their profile, celebrate their beauty, and to protect their future.

Working for Wildlife started working with Plantlife in 2018 are are hugely proud to be contributing to their much-deserved increase in exposure!

The Ramblers is a charity whose goal is to protect the ability of people to enjoy the sense of freedom and benefits that come from being outdoors on foot. The Ramblers are an association of people and groups who come together to both enjoy walking and outdoor pursuits and also to ensure that we protect and expand the infrastructure and places people go walking.

In 2020 we started working with the Ramblers, inspiring the public to enjoy the great outdoors and protect it for future generations.