Our Fundraisers

Working for Wildlife Ltd. fundraisers are trained and managed to represent their chosen charity informatively and sympathetically. We brief our fundraisers on campaigns, and keep them to date with relevant topics and news items; many of our fundraisers build up such an affinity with their charity that they either go on to volunteer or continue their association in other ways outside of their fundraising work. Most of our fundraisers only ever work with one charity, we do not swap and change from one client to another, and because of this, our Fundraisers become hugely knowledgeable and build up an keen interest in the work and ethics of their charity.

Each of our representatives are equipped with their own display kit, logo clothing and information about the charities, which they take to each of their venues; we are focused on signing up donors based on an open, friendly, and informative approach. Due to the nature of the work (mainly working alone at venues rather than being part of a team group on the high street) our fundraisers tend to be slightly more mature than in most other face to face fundraising companies; the general age of our fundraisers (with few exceptions) ranges from their late twenties up to, and beyond, retirement age.

If this sounds like something that you might be interested in, the Enquiries Page of this website will tell you more about how you can become a Working for Wildlife Ltd. Fundraiser.